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Who We Are

Law keeps a society sane and in order. It prevents chaos providing guidelines and code of conduct and behavior for the citizens of a country. The law binds the society together and ensures it smooth functioning.

It is a great privilege and honor to be the guardians of the law. Whether you are a lawyer or a judge, the society holds the lawmakers and law ensurers in high esteem. It is a dream come true to be a part of this unique section of the society.

VidhiWise is a trusted guide in this journey. A law coaching institute, VidhiWise has mentored a large number of students leading the way to a prestigious career in the field of Law. A pioneer institute, we strategize and streamline your journey towards Law, helping you crack the toughest Entrance Exam with ease. Providing clarity, guidance and plan to achieve success, we help students to break through all kinds of Law entrance and Judicial Services exams with full confidence.

VidhiWise mentors students to sail through the prestigious CLAT exam and other Law entrance exams. Focusing solely on the interests of students, VidhiWise devises a personalized roadmap for students to manage their preparations. Driven by our goal to help students succeed and get into the Law undergraduate course, we inspire students to work towards their aim by working harder ourselves. At VidhiWise, we take pride in the student-mentor relation motivating our students to go for the CLAT and other Law Entrance exams with full throttle.

For the graduates and practicing lawyers, the Judicial Services exams are highly vexing and strenuous. These intensive exams not only test the practical learning abilities of students but also analyze their writing abilities. The students not only have to master their legal concepts but also present them articulately. Sailing through these most sought after exams involves answering tough questions based on legal concepts and current real-life issues faced by the judiciary. VidhiWise prepares students for all these challenges. We help them to be a part of the Judicial System to bring justice where there is injustice and contribute to the evolution and transformation of law.

VidhiWise has a highly qualified faculty, skilled and experienced to mentor and coach all kinds of students at different levels of merit understanding their potential and delivering accordingly. Deeply committed to giving students a great learning experience, we ensure a cutting-edge learning environment at VidhiWise. The teaching pedagogy is coherent, all-inclusive, flexible and promotes high quality, relevant learning.

The comprehensive, distinctive and innovative course material is designed to help students understand the basic concepts clearly and give them a thorough base to build upon. Being exhaustive, it covers the syllabus of all the coveted exams and the students need not diversify their focus searching for study material. The advanced series of assignments and mock tests give students through practice to overcome their weakness and build their strengths. One-to-one interactions keep the students grounded and always motivated to march ahead. The doubt sessions help students to cross their limitations and gain confidence.

VidhiWise helps to steer students in the right direction to become successful in the field of Law, as competent lawyers or just and fair judges.